A rooftop garden of 25,000 LED flowers in China

For a limited time, a sea of light-emitting diode (LED) roses lit up a large sky garden in a building in Chengdu.

Made up of 25,000 flower LED lights, the public art installation, titled Light Rose Garden, was the work of creative agencies All Rights Reserved, Amherst Inc. and PANCOM. The project ran from August 5 until October 9, and was installed in the location coinciding with various national autumn activities and observances in China, including the mid-autumn festivities, Chinese Valentine’s Day and National Day.

The City of Chengdu is the second stop for the touring art exhibit outside of its country of origin, South Korea, with Hong Kong being the first.

The waterproof flower LED lights, which were closely installed with each other every 32 square feet of space accommodated 25 LED roses on average would light up every night between 6pm and 11pm during its 2-month run.

Combining the aesthetic allure of roses with the beauty of decorative lighting, the flower LED lights are not interactive like Guto Requena;s Cage of Lights or teamLabs DMM.PLANETS, but visitors still came in droves, similar to the exhibits nine-day run in Hong Kong in February where around 500,000 people visited.

Positive effects of flowers and LED lighting

Flowers are known to have positive aesthetic effects on humans. With the right colours and sizes, flowers can breathe life into an otherwise dull room. According to a study led by Jeannette Haviland-Jones from the Rutgers University in New Jersey in 2005, the presence of flowers can elevate the mood and promote a stronger feeling of satisfaction.

This is supported by a 1996 study by Virginia Lohr from the Washington State University, wherein it was found that placing plants and flowers in rooms can help reduce stress for people in those rooms.

Just like flowers, LEDs are also known to have positive effects. Several studies suggest that a properly configured LED lighting system can improve the circadian rhythms of individuals, promoting better sleep-wake cycles and ensuring that they stay alert throughout the whole day.

Research also suggest that LEDs can improve academic performance among students, and can increase productivity among workers. LED lighting can also promote cell growth and regeneration not just for humans but also for plants, and can improve the mood of recovering patients, which is why a lot of medical professionals are finding new uses for them today.

The Light Rose Garden takes many of the positive effects of both LED lighting and flowers to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for visitors. The Light Rose Garden is proof that LED-based art exhibits don’t need smart and interactive components to attract and amuse spectators.

It is also an example of how LED products can bring out the beauty of outdoor areas with the right configurations.

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