Step 1

Initial assessment

This step involves discussing your requirements with a technician. During a site visit, the technician will assess your current lighting assets, estimate your current energy consumption, measure your current lighting levels using a LUX meter and determine the colour temperature of your lighting. This step concludes with an initial assessment of your specific lighting requirements and preferences.

Step 2

Project financials

In this step, we will prepare a report showing the current cost of running your lights by zone and what your energy usage and cost will be after a LED lighting retrofit. We will then demonstrate our lighting technology and determine which government rebates are available to you and how much they will be. If you are interested, we will show you how additional technology such as motion sensors and lux level sensors can increase savings and government rebates. We can also offer you a financing/leasing option that best suits your business needs.

Step 3

Supply and installation

The third step is all about the supply and installation of your chosen LED lighting application (see our approach) and arranging government rebates. In some cases, we can arrange for the rebate to be offset against your initial purchase.

Step 4


Finally, the post-installation process sets off with a lux level report to demonstrate that your lighting meets AS/NZ Lighting Standards. We will also ensure that you are satisfied with the lighting outcome and that you have received the rebates you are entitled to.