November 24, 2016
led light case study gymnasium

Case Study – Gymnasium

Do you have a factory, warehouse, gymnasium or transport depot? A Sydney based gymnasium was burning a lot more energy and spending a more money than needed. With energy prices escalating, the owners had to do something to reduce overheads. They had 17 x 400 watt high energy use lights on from 5:15am till 8:00pm – 6 days per week ‘they were eating power for breakfast’. Compare the cost of conversion resulting in direct power savings and a payback in less than 12 months. Note that prices exclude GST. The Matrix LED Lights are approved under the IPART Energy Savings Scheme […]
November 2, 2015

High Bay LED Lights at Direct Group

Matrix LED recently supplied and installed 500 x 135W High Bay LED lights in the Direct Group’s Distribution Centre at Innovations Park, 431 Warringah Road French’s Forest in NSW. Direct Group has developed into a comprehensive multi-channel retailer, offering a wide variety of products to millions of loyal customers. The group operates in Australia and New Zealand and communicates directly with its customers through its 16 websites as well as through emails, catalogues, television and distributors. Built on 5.3 hectares of land in a non-industrial campus environment, the Direct Group’s premises bring all of their administrative, marketing, TV, warehousing and […]
November 2, 2015

Interior Lighting in Churches

High ceilings and difficult access makes churches an obvious choice for the installation of long life, low maintenance, energy efficient, LED lighting. Churches are typically difficult environments to illuminate properly and a number of churches are poorly lit or incorrectly lit with outdated lighting fixtures and lamps. Matrix LED sells and installs a range of LED lighting which can transform churches into well illuminated, energy efficient sanctuaries. LED lamps are up to 80% more efficient than the traditional lamps they replace and are also dimmable. Unlike compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s), LED lamps contain no mercury, are completely recyclable, are instant […]
November 1, 2015

Olympic Stadium, Beijing Aquatic Centre

The Water Cube structure which we all saw changing colours nightly during the games was composed of 3000 bubbles made from strong plastic. Each bubble, with the help of over 440,000 LEDs altogether, has the ability to display millions of colours. The colour patterns we saw during the coverage of the games were computer controlled giving the designers and organizers infinite possibilities for lighting combinations.