LEDs and the Retail Space

LED Lighting Solutions for Retail Spaces

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From an in-store visual perspective, a concept-led and architecturally-considered retail space with visual merchandising that attracts, seduces and connects with visitors is more likely to convince people to enter, stay and shop and, most importantly, want to buy!


Lighting and, in particular, LED lighting technology, now plays a big role in retail space design and visual merchandising!


In fact, it has been shown that the introduction of a custom designed dynamic lighting system, at Dutch co-operative supermarket group Plus, increased basket sales, with the average sales per customer up by 1.93 per cent, and that customers spent more time in the areas illuminated with warmer light settings than those with cooler ones.


More dramatically, when German fashion chain Gerry Weber changed the lighting in one of its stores (based on research findings indicating that certain personality types feel more comfortable and are inclined to stay longer under certain types of light), it was measured that sales increased by around 12 per cent compared to another local store. Generally, the study, which led to the lighting changes, found that:

  • Calm personas (the store’s typical customers) prefer warm, uniform lighting at 800lx with moderate beam angles on the products;
  • Adventurous types like a more contrasting environment with spotlights and accent lighting at 500lx; and
  • People driven by discipline and performance will turn away from unbalanced lighting environments and respond positively to uniform vertical lighting on shelves, dimmed accent lighting in coves and display cabinets and wide beam angles on the point of sale.


In terms of general lighting in a retail space, panel lighting is a very popular choice, which provides good overall illumination. It’s great in terms of watts per square metre and can be easily obtained in high colour rendering index versions; the colour temperature is the same everywhere, so the merchandise is readily identifiable.


Diffuse general lighting can also create a subjective sense of well-being and vertical illuminance can make orientation easier; the easier it is for customers to find their way around, the more likely they are to walk around and shop.  Also, cool colour temperatures, such as cool white, make areas appear more spacious and warm colour temperatures create an impression of smallness and familiarity.


What these general lighting schemes don’t do is excite the shopper; they are relatively easy and efficient, but are unlikely to incite brand interest and inspire shoppers to linger.


Visual merchandising specialists tell us that there is a thing called the Pyramid Principle that says, if you have one item at the top of a display, and all other items one step down, your eyes are forced to look at the focal point at the top and then work their way down.


Creative lighting design can be used to facilitate our eye movement and accentuate and craft a brand narrative around product displays. LED lights are ideal for these applications!


MatrixLED and LED Lighting Solutions


If you need a new lighting scheme for your retail space, you can consult us at MatrixLED, one of the leading suppliers of LED lighting in Australia. Maximising the potential of your retail space is made easier with our wide range of products and services.


Switch to MatrixLED now. In addition to enjoying big savings on electricity consumption and recurrent lighting costs for your retail space, our lights can be creatively applied to attract, seduce and connect with customers in a way that can convince people to enter, stay and shop and, most importantly, want to buy your products!


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