July 4, 2017
Aged-care providers making switch to LED lighting

Why aged-care providers are making the #SwitchToLED lighting

  Australia has an aging population and the focus on aged-care is growing. The cost of running these facilities is high both financially and on the environment. It doesn’t have to be this way and State Governments are helping health organisations through energy-saving initiatives, including the installation of LED lights accessing government incentives.   By reducing some of the high costs you’re spending on lighting and energy bills, aged-care facilities will have more funds readily available to improve care for residents at their facilities. Ultimately, our goal at MatrixLED is to remove your concerns and worries about the operating of […]
May 19, 2017
LED lighting in car dealership centres

LED lighting in car dealership centres

A car sale begins the moment a customer drives past the lot or steps inside the showroom. One of a car dealer’s greatest challenges is maintaining lot and showroom appearance while keeping costs down.   The lighting in a car dealership has a significant impact on sales, safety and customer satisfaction. A beautifully-illuminated lot will actively draw people in, while one with dismal lighting will cause business to drive on by. As for the showroom, lobby or offices, optimised lighting enhances the experience for both customers and employees.   Car dealerships require high-quality light. The cars must look good. This […]
March 10, 2017

Reduce energy costs in your CrossFit gym with high bay LED lights

Operating a CrossFit gym can be expensive because of the many costs involved. These include the purchase/lease and maintenance of facilities and equipment, temperature and ventilation control and staff, to name a few. As electricity costs continue to rise, so too will your business’s monthly expenses.   To avoid paying more than what your facilities need, the business must employ ways to reduce energy use without compromising the operations of the gymnasiums.   Power consumption of a CrossFit gym There are many factors that add to the energy consumption of a gym. Three of these are HVAC systems, gym equipment, […]
March 3, 2017
Important factors to include in your lighting assessments

Important factors to include in your lighting assessments

So you’ve finally decided it’s about time to install LED lights in your Australian business site. Fixtures such as LED high bay lights can increase your operational efficiency and safety while keeping costs low  , so this is a decision that you won’t regret. But before you proceed, make sure that you know what your space really needs in terms of illumination. You can do this by conducting a lighting assessment.   The goal of lighting assessments is to identify the best ways to optimise your lighting system. It allows you to maximise the energy-efficiency of your LED high bay lights […]
February 24, 2017
Why you need LED high bay lights in your factory

Why you need LED high bay lights in your factory

When it comes to lighting up workshops, factories, warehouses and other similar industrial sites, LEDs offer a number of benefits that make them the better choice over conventional lighting fixtures. If you’re in need of lighting installations and retrofits for your manufacturing facility, here are a few reasons why you should choose LED-based lighting such as LED high bay lights.   Task lighting optimised Most of the tasks in manufacturing facilities are detail heavy. The illumination traditional lighting systems emit is distributed equally from the fixture, which means the light is not usually optimised for specific tasks. Light from LEDs […]