Lighting Design Consulting

At Matrix LED, we believe that there is a suitable LED lighting application for every illumination requirement. To that end, we help our customers navigate the wide variety of product options to find the solution that best suits their need.

Specifically, we offer LED lighting audits (see our step-by-step process), feasibility analyses and simulations of lighting designs and layouts. We determine how best to illuminate your premises while aiming for architectural design and proper visual comfort.

Our core project management capabilities ensure that your lighting project is completed safely, on time and on budget.

Lighting Audit

There are four major steps involved in the supply and installation of LED lights by Matrix LED: (1) The initial assessment, when LED lighting requirements are thoroughly assessed and discussed with you. (2) The project financial analyses, including rebate estimation. (3) Supply and installation of your chosen LED lights and lodgement of the rebate application. (4) Post-installation process, including quality assurance and finalisation of rebate.


Supply and Installation

The third step is all about the supply and installation of your chosen LED lighting application (see our approach) and arranging government rebates. In some cases we can arrange for the rebate to be offset against your initial purchase.