Lighting up Parks with LEDs

Lighting Up Parks with LEDs

Lighting up a park at night is important because it provides a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for park goers. But providing enough night lighting for a park is very expensive. To cut back on costs, a lot of parks today are switching to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to light up their areas. Large parks like the Central Park in New York and the Bicentennial Park in Sydney have successfully switched to LED lighting, and are currently reaping the benefits.

LEDs are a better choice compared to traditional electric lighting such as metal halide lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and incandescent bulbs when providing park lighting especially for extended hours. Not only do they help reduce costs through their lower energy consumption, their longevity also means you won’t have to worry a lot about paying for maintenance, allowing you to focus your resources on other aspects of maintaining your park like cleanliness and beautification.

Here are a few ways you can light up your park depending on the area:

Walkways and biking trails

Illuminating pathways and trails at night are important for obvious reasons. But in addition to making evening strolls safe, they can also make the experience really pleasant. Not only that, the right lighting can also bring out the beauty of a park at night and even augment its aesthetics.

LED-based lighting such as LED street lights can provide the best safety, comfort, and enjoyment for park goers, while keeping maintenance and energy costs lower for park operators due to their low energy consumption, innate sturdiness and long-lasting lifespans.

Parking lot

Keeping parking lots safe is a must for any establishment, whether private or public, and parks are not exempted. Without adequate parking lighting especially at night, accidents are more likely to happen, and personal security is threatened.

So for car parks, it is important to choose lighting that’s bright while still being cost-efficient. One example of this is an LED floodlight that’s properly aimed and shielded. Compared to traditional metal halide floodlights, LED floodlights are more efficient energy-wise and can help cut your energy costs by at least 60 percent. For covered parking lots, you can also use LED canopy lights in place of LED floodlights.


Many parks all over the world feature auditoriums for events such as concerts and festivals. To maximise the usability of these auditoriums, the use of efficient lighting is needed.

There are a number of options to choose from depending on the type of auditorium. For those that are open air, using LED floodlights mounted on light towers is the best option. If the auditorium has a roof or is covered, you can also use LED high bay lights.

Play area/playground

Hazards are abundant on playgrounds and play areas, and without enough lighting especially after sundown, children are more likely to get hurt.

All-around lighting is needed to provide a safe and secure environment for children: on the ground, along fences, over swings and slides, even the area’s corners. All of these can be fulfilled with a well-positioned LED flood light.

Sports grounds

Any kind of sports activity done at night needs proper lighting. Whether it’s on a park’s outdoor basketball court, a skating rink or a soccer field, the right lighting can make playing any sport safer and more enjoyable.

LED floodlights can provide adequate illumination for sports activities because of their high brightness. Installing them on light towers will widen the range of light, which means you would only have to use fewer floodlights for the whole area with the right configurations, helping you cut costs.

If you’re a park owner who still uses traditional lighting to illuminate your areas at night, there is no better time than now to make the switch to LEDs. With its efficient energy consumption, bright lumen output, and environment-friendly features, LEDs are the perfect lighting to suit your park. By using LEDs, not only will you be able to save on costs, you’ll also turn your park into a haven for fun and relaxation, even at night.

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