While some businesses still hesitate over the upfront cost of installing LED systems, we guarantee that the benefits that come with our systems outweigh other traditional lighting options. Whether it’s a full-scale LED upgrade across an entire operation or the strategic use of this technology in specific environments, your facility can reap the benefits of LED lighting.

At Matrix LED, our pricing options are based not only on the quality of our products, but on very competitive pricing and efficient lighting options. Our pricing, especially when combined with government rebate schemes, guarantees a sound return on investment and a manageable payback period.

With our financing options, you may not have to pay anything up-front and you may achieve instant positive cashflow by taking immediate advantage of the energy saving benefits of LED lights. Our ‘Capex Free’ solution allows you to switch to LED lighting without tapping into your capital expenditure budget or cash reserves.

Benefits of our facility include:

Positive cashflow
With relatively low monthly payments and high monthly energy cost savings it can reduce your overheads from day one.

Affordable Now
With our Capex-Free solution you can benefit from state of the art technology today.

Easier Budgeting
Payments are fixed and are not subject to fluctuations in interest rates which makes budgeting easier.

Tax Efficient
This solution is designed to be tax efficient where finance payments may be offset against tax, depending on individual circumstances.

Future Proofed
We can change your finance arrangements to allow you the benefit of upgrading to new technology in the future.

Conserves Working Capital
Our solution allows you to benefit from brand new lighting whilst conserving your working capital for other business projects.