Why aged-care providers are making the #SwitchToLED lighting

Aged-care providers making switch to LED lighting


Australia has an aging population and the focus on aged-care is growing. The cost of running these facilities is high both financially and on the environment. It doesn’t have to be this way and State Governments are helping health organisations through energy-saving initiatives, including the installation of LED lights accessing government incentives.


By reducing some of the high costs you’re spending on lighting and energy bills, aged-care facilities will have more funds readily available to improve care for residents at their facilities. Ultimately, our goal at MatrixLED is to remove your concerns and worries about the operating of the business and the costs of overheads. This means you can focus on the primary function of your business, giving people the best care and highest quality of life in the most comfortable environment possible. Not only will LED lights reduce your energy usage and costs, it can also have health benefits for your residents.


Government incentives to reduce the upfront investment


According to the NSW Government Office of Environment and Heritage, energy efficient lighting typically represents around 17 per cent of the total energy consumption in aged-care facilities, so there are great opportunities to make savings.


Many aged-care facilities and health organisations are not making the most of the Government incentives to reduce energy. Recognising the cost of implementing energy saving measures, the New South Wales, Victorian and South Australian Governments are offering cash incentives to encourage businesses to reduce their energy consumption and in turn reduce our overall carbon foot print.


We help business through the process of doing an energy audit, offering technical support and ensuring you’re installing approved LED lights. With the support of Matrix LED, we can assist medium to large aged-care facilities reduce their energy consumption and costs. The energy saving achieved from the switch to LED can be used to cover the remaining investment after claiming the Government Energy Savings Certificates, meaning there can be no upfront costs once the led lighting incentives are included.


Reducing energy use means improving cash flow


The goal of our lighting assessment is to identify the best ways to optimise your lighting system. It allows you to maximise the energy-efficiency of your LED lights to achieve the best results.


Some of the benefits of energy efficient lighting include:

  • Reducing operating and maintenance costs.
  • Lower energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Improved indoor environment, leading to increased resident comfort.
  • Reduced system and equipment failure.
  • Generate cost savings to be used in other parts of the business.


Health benefits of LED lighting


Of course, aged-care facilities operate primarily to care for the elderly, therefore health is of the highest concern. A well-lit environment is essential for the safety of residents who potentially have failing eyesight. LEDs can actually emulate different wavelengths of light, including those that are present in natural lighting such as red and blue light, making them perfect for aged-care facilities. Red light is known to have healing effects on cells while blue light is said to regulate sleep cycles, and harnessing these wavelengths can positively impact the health of residents.


Our energy audit will look at replacing fluorescent tube and halogen lights with our high quality LED lights, which generate very little heat, you can reduce fire risks, as well as reducing the heat load on air-conditioners. We will also aim to reduce the amount of artificial lighting used by maximising the use of natural lighting.


Our goal is to help you reduce operating costs and improve health care.


MatrixLED can help your aged-care facility by offering you the support to get the right LED lighting products for your business needs. Our tailored solutions ensure you will have a healthy lighting environment for your residents and patients, that are cost-effective and energy efficient.


Visit the MatrixLED website or contact us to find out how much you can save when you switch to MatrixLED lighting. #SwitchToLED


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