Smart LED high bays for warehouses in Australia

Smart warehouse controls for LED high bays in Australia

Smart lights are starting to be introduced to commercial and industrial sites. However, not all lighting fixtures work well with smart control systems. Considering all the warehouse lighting options currently available, the best choice is no doubt, LED high bay lighting, as most provide more lumen per watt than most light fixtures available.


Smart lighting systems for warehouse LED high bays in Australia

The use of smart lighting provides numerous advantages to warehouses, which will allow better optimisation of lighting during critical hours. It can also lower energy consumption during hours of minimal activity using motion sensors. Break times such as morning tea or lunch time is an example of when minimal activity may be present in the warehouse.

Lux sensors can also be included in the light proving auto dimming capabilities, reducing the amount of energy being used on bright days.

The most compatible LED fixture for warehouses is smart LED high bay lighting because of:


1. Better dimming capabilities

LED Lights that are compatible with dimming controls and sensors is an important aspect when looking for energy efficiency. Unlike with traditional lights, dimming the LEDs won’t affect the lifespan and long-term quality of light emitted by LEDs.


2. Energy-efficiency

LED drivers utilise very little energy, with the combined power consumption of both the light and controller still being significantly lower than those of traditional lighting systems.


3. Minimal heat emission

Conventional lighting heats up with prolonged use while LED lighting emit minimal heat. Less heat is generated from efficient lights, improving the work environment. LED lights have become very efficient with minimal heat output.

Traditional metal halide light bulbs that emit heat can affect the efficiency of air conditioning, which LED lights overcome.

4. Consistent light with no wait time

The illumination that LEDs provide is consistent from the moment they’re switched on until they’re turned off. Good quality LED lights and drivers don’t flicker and don’t require many minutes of waiting time to get to their full capacity, unlike with metal halides where light bulbs need to heat up first before achieving full illumination capacity. It’s also possible to turn LEDs on and off continuously without affecting their brightness and lifespans.


5. Low maintenance

LEDs typically have long lifespans and are sturdy enough to withstand heavy-duty use. They don’t use ballasts unlike conventional warehouse lighting, which requires periodical replacements. All of these characteristics mean that LEDs require very little maintenance. Not only does this reduce overhead costs, it also ensures that operations won’t get interrupted by frequent scheduled maintenance.


Looking for LED high bays in Australia?

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