Important factors to include in your lighting assessments

Important factors to include in your lighting assessments

So you’ve finally decided it’s about time to install LED lights in your Australian business site. Fixtures such as LED high bay lights can increase your operational efficiency and safety while keeping costs low, so this is a decision that you won’t regret. But before you proceed, make sure that you know what your space really needs in terms of illumination. You can do this by conducting a lighting assessment.


The goal of lighting assessments is to identify the best ways to optimise your lighting system. It allows you to maximise the energy-efficiency of your LED high bay lights and office LED lighting to achieve the best results. To help you with your assessment, below are important factors to consider.


Energy consumption


One of the key factors in the assessment of your indoor lighting is the amount of energy your lights consume on a daily basis. Doing so helps you assess how much your energy use is costing your business. As a result, you’ll get an accurate assessment of how energy is being used in your business and how to optimise your energy use.


Natural lighting


The assessment will also include analysis of how much natural light an area receives. This information is utilised to suggest changes in your lighting system. Natural lighting, in sufficient amounts, can provide ample indoor illumination together with or in place of artificial lighting. Not only can this reduce the energy consumption of your artificial lighting, it will also allow people in your space to enjoy the various non-image forming effects of natural light.


Indoor activities


Obtaining data on your indoor activities and occupancy patterns is also important when assessing your lighting conditions. Doing so will help you determine if your current illumination settings are above what you only need, or if you need brighter lights and more fixtures in a given area. This is important as each area in your space has illumination requirements that are unique to it.


Lighting quality


A lighting assessment will determine the quality of lighting emitted by your current fixtures. This helps you decide whether or not you need replacement lights to accommodate optimised work environment.


Below are a few important points to consider when it comes to the quality of your lighting:

  • Intensity – Is the lighting weak which slows down task completion, or is the lighting too bright which causes high levels glare?
  • Colour rendering index – This refers to the accuracy of lighting in rendering colours compared to a reference light source. Light that has a high colour rendering index can be optimised for high-detail tasks.
  • Distribution – Is the illumination evenly distributed in a given space?


Control system


You don’t know it, but the switches, controls and regulators that you are currently using for your lighting could also be causing problems for you. This is why it’s also important to assess them. This lets you determine if you have faulty wirings, defective switches and faulty regulators. All of these may increase not only operational and maintenance costs, but also the risk of injury.


Efficient lighting solutions by MatrixLED


MatrixLED is committed to helping you achieve optimised lighting for your business. We don’t just offer LED high bay lights and other energy-efficient LED fixtures, we also provide professional lighting assessments. Visit our website or get in touch with us through our Contact Us page to know more about our offers, and don’t forget to read our other blogs for more tips on lighting optimisation for your site.


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