Essential LED lighting products in Australia for warehouses

Essential LED lighting products in Australia for warehouses

Are you looking for LED lighting products to use during your warehouse lighting retrofit? Are you planning to open a warehouse and don’t know what lighting fixtures to buy? This information will help you find out the best solution for you! While not all warehouses are the same in terms of lighting requirements, we have listed down the four most important lighting fixtures for this situation.

Below are four essential LED lighting solutions in Australia for warehouses.


LED high bay lights

Metal halide lamps have always been the go-to lighting for warehouses. But ever since the introduction of LED warehouse lighting into the market, customers now have better lighting options that not only last longer but are also more energy-efficient. LED high bay lights are among these options.

LED high bay lights have longer lifespans, better lumen output and a more efficient consumption of energy than traditional lighting methods. This makes LED a better choice when it comes to lighting up the storage facilities of warehouses. Also, metal halides can take up to 15 minutes before they achieve full brightness. This is unlike LED high bays, which achieve full capacity the moment you switch them on. They also don’t produce a lot of heat, which is critical in some storage settings.


Surface mount LED low bays

Warehouses typically have high ceilings, five to seven levels of shelving on average, and large floor spaces. LED high bay lights have many excellent characteristics that make them perfect for lighting up these sites. However; loading docks, the entry and exit points are also critical areas of the warehousing areas to be considered.

LED surface mount high bay lights provide ample illumination in spaces with ceiling heights ranging up to 12 metres. The light they emit is hemispherical, which means that they distribute illumination evenly. This is unlike the directional lighting which LED high bay lights overcome.


LED street lights

Cargo trucks are responsible for bringing goods into and out of warehouses. This is why keeping driveways and parking lots well-illuminated is important, especially during nighttime operations. For this purpose, LED street lights are the best options.

Not only do they offer the usual benefits of LEDs, they also have additional qualities that make them a better choice over traditional lighting that has been used to date. Since they consume less energy and they are located outdoors, you can equip them with solar batteries for self-sufficiency. They can also have dimming capabilities, which provide more options for optimisation if using daylight harvesting.


Emergency LED lights

According to section 2.6 of Safework Australia’s Managing the Work Environment and Facilities Code of Practice, workplaces must have emergency lighting for the safe evacuation of workers in case of emergencies. LED emergency lights are great in this regard because they save energy and improve safety.

Power outages usually happen during emergencies. Emergency lights come with batteries to help ensure they stay illuminated during outages. With LEDs lower energy consumption, batteries are bound to last longer.


LED lighting products in Australia by MatrixLED

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