The Climate Group’s LED Scale-up Project

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UK-based non-profit organisation The Climate Group is rolling out an initiative that aims to promote LED street lighting adoption worldwide, called LED Scale-up.

The purpose of the initiative is to urge every city in the world to implement LED retrofits by 2025. To be able to meet this goal, The Climate Group will focus on key areas.

Global LED consultation The goal of this initiative is to encourage key decision makers to participate in LED consultations, which aim to identify the various issues and bottlenecks that hinder LED adoption through interviews and informal discussions. The project also seeks to address these issues and help accelerate the scale-up of energy-efficient outdoor lighting all over the world.

LED knowledge base Through LED Scale-up, the group aims to create a growing database of LED-related information and materials. This database, including studies, research, white papers, and other resources relevant to LED lighting, will allow an easier sharing of knowledge and best practices for a smoother transition to LED lighting.

LED financing Another initiative created under LED Scale-up seeks to explore new financing models for better management of risks when it comes to LED retrofits and other LED infrastructure projects.

LED adoption by utilities This initiative aims to identify opportunities and supporting policies that will help promote the use of energy-efficient LED lighting by utilities, both in the private and public sectors.

Off-grid LED lighting Lack of access to sustainable lighting is a problem experienced in many parts of the world. This initiative aims to promote sustainable off-grid LED lighting to eliminate or at least minimise light poverty globally.

The LED Scale-up project is one of the many global initiatives today that promote wide-scale LED retrofits, especially in terms of city lighting. While we still have a long way to go before we achieve this, projects like the LED Scale-up can help various stakeholders identify what needs to be done to make the transition easier.
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