How many LED downlights should be installed in my office?

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) regulations allow only 5W in terms of energy consumption from lighting per square metre in all new building projects, intended to assist the gradual phasing out of 50W halogen and incandescent globes and cause business managers and property owners to find suitable replacements. LEDs have the ability to produce high luminosity from a low wattage, making them a desirable option for the BCA requirements. In fact, high-quality LEDs can produce up to 720 lumens while only running off 10W of power, making them a direct replacement for 50W halogens. When working out how many lights you should install, an understanding of your office space, the lighting options available and the extent and distribution of natural daylight is important. It is also beneficial to check out the colour temperature and colour rendering index (CRI) of the light – these two factors determine how well the light is capable of reproducing vibrant colours. This is important in workplaces where visual clarity is essential.

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