Case Studies

At Matrix LED, we have a section in our website that is entirely dedicated to case studies. These case studies help put emphasis on practical principles regarding LED lighting solutions in both the local and the international setting.


Savings Calculator

The Matrix LED savings calculator shows you how much money and energy you can save if you switch to our LED lights. The calculation does not include potential maintenance and ongoing capital cost savings or government rebates in Australia. To receive the full calculation, including the further savings and rebates, get in touch with us by going to this page.

To use the savings calculator, follow these steps:

Step 1.

Choose among our LED products below. The traditional lighting equivalent of each item will be displayed for comparison.

135W High Bay
95W High Bay
20w LED Battens with sensor to dim to 5w
20w Viper Emergency Light
8w Vortex Downlight
42W Panel LED
36W Panel LED

Step 2.

Enter your electricity cost (per kWh), operating hours (from a drop-down menu) and the number of lights to enable the savings to be calculated and displayed; you can choose to see the savings over periods from 1 to 10 years.

Enter your electricity data to get a breakdown and your calculated savings

Average Electricity Cost per kWh e.g. 22 cents = 0.22
Operating Time per Hours/Days/Week
Number of Lights
Number of Year/s

Energy savings over 1 year

Step 3.

Fill in the following form fields so we can send you the details of all cost savings and potential government rebates via the email address provided.

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    Thank you for using our savings calculator!


    We will email you in 3-5 business days about your full savings report. In the meantime, why don't you check out other Matrix LED resources, such as our case studies and industry news?