Why you need LED high bay lights in your factory

Why you need LED high bay lights in your factory

When it comes to lighting up workshops, factories, warehouses and other similar industrial sites, LEDs offer a number of benefits that make them the better choice over conventional lighting fixtures. If you’re in need of lighting installations and retrofits for your manufacturing facility, here are a few reasons why you should choose LED-based lighting such as LED high bay lights.


Task lighting optimised

Most of the tasks in manufacturing facilities are detail heavy. The illumination traditional lighting systems emit is distributed equally from the fixture, which means the light is not usually optimised for specific tasks. Light from LEDs can be directed to the work plane and are therefore better than fluorescent bulbs, metal halides and other traditional fixtures. This means LEDs are effective task lighting, providing ample illumination for work that requires a keen eye for detail.


Better productivity for workers

Aside from providing ample lighting for detail-heavy tasks, LEDs also have various non-image forming effects. The most noteworthy of these benefits is that they can promote better productivity among workers. Properly configured LED high bay lights, for example, can help improve workplace productivity by 3 to 5 percent.


 light output of lamps over a period of time



Lower power consumption

Most factories today are investing in machinery and equipment to make the manufacturing processes more efficient to improve output and reduce climbing energy bills. By including LED indoor lighting in the work area, business owners and managers will be able to lower the overall energy consumption of their manufacturing facilities. Installing LED high bay lights, for example, reduces the power consumption of factory lighting by up to 79 percent.


Safer facilities

Traditional lighting, specifically metal halide lamps and drivers have a tendency to explode due to overheating and high pressure. This makes these lighting fixtures dangerous to use. One explosion incident may not only interrupt operations, it can also lead to fire, property damages and employee injury. LED high bay lights are not susceptible to overheating or sudden explosions, making them a far better choice.


exploded metal halide lamp



Efficiency for life

Not only are LED indoor lighting fixtures energy-efficient, they also have long lifespans. They typically last for up to 50,000 hours at full capacity. Fluorescent lights, for example, can last only up to 20,000 hours, while metal halides last only 11,000 hours. The increased consistency of light output for LED and greater reliability will reduce maintenance costs for business immensely.


Lower carbon footprint

Factories are notorious for their high carbon footprint as a result of the amount of energy consumed that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Factories also produce millions of tonnes of waste in the world each year. In 2014, the manufacturing sector accounted for 256 million tonnes or 9.8 percent of overall waste produced that year.

Since LED lighting solutions reduce energy consumption by up to 79 percent, they can help factories lower their carbon footprint.  The long lifespans of LEDs also mean fewer instances of replacements and disposals, and in turn less waste.


LED high bay lights by MatrixLED

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