LED lighting technology’s achievements in 2016

LED lighting products’ milestones in 2016

LED lighting products have really outshone other conventional lighting sources this year. From higher usage among households and business to innovations and discoveries that prove they’re not just mere lighting fixtures, LED lighting solutions have now taken the spotlight as the best choice for illumination, and the various milestones that they have achieved this year solidify that fact. We have listed down four of them below.


LED lighting is becoming more affordable


We know that LED lighting products are energy-efficient and have long lifespans. Both of these qualities help businesses cut costs. A few years ago adopting LED lighting solutions meant steep initial costs.


In October 2016, Clasp published a retail price study of LED lighting products. It found that LED prices decreased by 67 percent from US$30 in 2012 to US$10 this year. This affordability means customers are getting returns within just a few months after purchase, unlike in previous years.


Users demand traditional lighting less


This year, we have also seen the demand for traditional luminaries like fluorescent and incandescent bulbs continuously decline. The US National Electrical Manufacturers Association reported in 2015 that T12 fluorescent lamp shipments slumped by 40.4 percent. Incandescent shipments also dropped significantly because of various government implemented initiatives to kerb their use. These are both good for companies offering LED lighting solutions.


LEDs are promoting better health, wellness and safety


LED lighting products proved this year that they’re more than lighting fixtures. We saw how an LED table can help reduce irritability and depression among Alzheimer’s Disease patients and improve their sleep.
We also wrote about LED virtual sky. It was about LED panels emulating natural lighting to allow employees in offices without windows to still enjoy its benefits. In terms of human safety, we saw how LEDs minimised human accidents in construction sites through on-site visualisation.


LEDs are becoming sources of entertainment


We’re also using LED lighting products more for entertainment and recreational purposes aside from promoting health, wellness and safety. One example of this is the Cage of Lights, an installation in a nightclub in Sao Paulo, Brazil wherein interactive LED lights react to the movements of clubgoers.


Another example is the Crystal Universe, an art installation from teamLab that utilised LED lights to provide interactive art to visitors. It featured four attractions, three of which featured LEDs to provide a unique visual and olfactory experience. A simpler example is a rooftop garden of LED flowers in China.
These are only a few of LED lighting solutions’ milestones this year. We may be ending 2016, but we’ll definitely see no end for LEDs’ achievements in the coming years.


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