The advantages of LEDs in cold storage facilities

advantages of LEDs in cold storage facilities

Cold storage facilities are important to our supply chain as they not only preserve the quality of food such as vegetables, fruits and meat during storage, we also use them for preserving medicine and blood.


Maintaining cold storage facilities can be expensive which includes providing adequate lighting and associated energy costs. The continuous rise of energy costs means operations are becoming more expensive to run. Innovative thinking and taking action using the latest low energy solutions are ways to reduce energy consumption and mitigate paying money that can be best kept for other projects. Because LEDs consume less energy than traditional lighting, they are no doubt this is an easy area of the business to target.


If your cold storage facility is still using traditional lighting such as metal halides and CFL’s, now is the best time to switch to LEDs! Here are five of LED’s advantages:


1. They reduce the facility’s thermal load


A facility’s thermal load is the amount of energy it needs to add or remove in order to keep the temperature of the space within acceptable levels. In the case of cold storage’s, administrators must keep the temperatures extremely low to preserve all items in their facilities. While LEDs do produce heat, the amount that they produce is negligible, unlike with traditional lighting.


2. They help lower energy consumption


Cold storage facilities consume copious amounts of power. Some of the high energy use areas include cold rooms, evaporator coils, regulators, compressors and old lighting systems. Most cold storage facilities require these components to run at all times and because of this, they continuously consume energy. Switching to cold storage LED lighting helps cut your lighting energy consumption by 60-80 percent, significantly reducing the overall consumption.


3. They resist cold temperatures


Cold storage facilities maintain extremely low temperatures in order to preserve the items stored within. Most lighting fixture types cannot withstand the cold temperatures however; LEDs have higher resistance to cold temperatures compared to traditional luminaries such as metal halides and CFLs. LEDs can be switched on and off automatically using sensors to detect when someone is in the room. Unlike with conventional lighting, which require warm up time; LEDs will use a lot less power even in low temperature environments.


4. They are not demanding in terms of maintenance


LEDs are not as demanding as other types of lighting fixtures in terms of maintenance. They have long lifespans which minimises the number of replacements needed. LEDs are durable, and don’t overheat. Using cold storage LED lighting minimises the need for maintenance, which in turn lowers instances of operations being interrupted and keeps maintenance costs low.


5. They are highly compatible with smart controls


Smart lighting controls are now being introduced to storage facilities and similar sites because of their capacity to turn lighting systems more human-centric. With proper assessment of a space and the right configurations, smart controls can make operations smoother and more efficient. If you’re thinking about adopting smart controls, cold storage LED lighting is your best option in this circumstance.


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